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la strella noua (was: Re: Pronouncing "Boreanesia")

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 31, 2000, 15:28
Irina wrote:

> Barry: > > L A S T R E L L A G R A N D > > > > Lem alo smu tue rnm edo lon lnt aòa nuñ òog ua as!
> This spells LA STRELLA NOUS (can't get O-grave), does NOUS > mean GRAND?
Wouldn't that be _la strella nòua_? Meaning "the new star"? The rest is _el mundo nòuo_ = "the new world". As for the rest, _asmouemontañg_ I don't know where to place the spaces. _as moue montañg_? What's that? Very cool sig though, Barry! I took some thinking to figure it out. daniel -- <> QHEIL RYNENYA ALANDEA <> <> <> RINYA LAWEA <> Daniel Andreasson <>