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Re: OT: newbie

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Friday, August 16, 2002, 12:27
Christophe sekalge:
>Welcome back Florian (damn! Jan beated me as first to welcome you. That
>teach me not to work during my worktime ;))) ). Comment ça va ? ;)))
You work? I wouldn't have thought it possible to make half the list's traffic and work. Perhaps you need another hobby, just to shave another point off your grade point average. My other hobby is a little counter. You push a lever, and it advances by one number. I got it up past four thousand when someone reset it. *sigh* But I need something more interesting and effective, like administrating a MUD. Sorry; I just had to get that out of myself, and I thought I'd spread it to the widest group of people I come into contact with, just for added misery. Florian Rivoal sekalge:
>Now I took a year off from my french university, and I am in >china (shanghai) to study chinese language.
Ooh. Can you make any sense of the various transcription schemes? (I'm asking because I am somewhat confused whenever I see anything Chinese in the Roman alphabet, and I'm quite lost when I see something Chinese in kanji {if that's the right series of symbols}.) Welcome back. I'm sure some people here would like to pick your brain. (No, not literally! Put the needles away!) I think I remember you, actually. When were you previously on the list? Laimes, Wright. ____ "Through not observing the thoughts of another a man is seldom unhappy, but he who does not observe the movements of his own mind must of necessity be unhappy." --Marcus Aurelius


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