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Re: The Magical Tree (Translation project)

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Saturday, September 25, 1999, 6:52
In ill traeth, in llo h-Ysl Fendith, sa's yn arfur dewinal.
In the distance, in the Blessed Isles, there is a magical tree.

For "beyond the horizon", I exchanged one metaphor for another.  The
Blessed Isles, in Kemrese belief, lies in the direction of the setting
sun.  It is a happy mythical place.

Ill arfur ci a di llo ffryth ddewinal.
That tree has some magical fruit.

Se yno llo fanug, ll+a yno wen di iewen, e wenir rhen di wegl o di udr.
If one eats them, then one becomes young, and does not become old or sick.

Yno comath contr sew alltr per lle.
One fights one's other for them.

Yn diwrn, di'll pobl gwincef ill arfur.
One day, some people won the tree.

Ys h-eddiffigarent yn myr gran am ill arfur.
They built a large wall around the tree.

Using the particular past tense that means that this was a historic event.

Ys llo ddeffenerent dewrfent e negyn podef gweddir in ill myr.
They defended it boldly and no one was able to go in the wall.

Mai'll arfur inidiaf a sichar, perch ys a rhen di llo chorff subr ke ys
But the tree began to wilt, because it had none of the bodies on which it

E llo ddeffensur pherdderent, e'll myr er diryth, e ys choninewefent a
chomathar per llo ffryth.
And the defenders lost, and the wall was destroyed, and they continued to
fight for the fruit.

E'll arfur er felig' perch di llo chorff, ke llo bascef.
And the tree was happy because of the bodies, which fed it.

- andrew.
Andrew Smith, Intheologus             

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