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Trying GMail

From:Mark Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Thursday, August 26, 2004, 5:29
So a friend got me invited into GMail, and I'm giving it a shot.  Need
to receive mail here to try it out, and don't really want to forward
everything to it, so I subscribed this address to conlang.
I actually already have two addresses subscribed, just one of them set
nomail, in case my forwarding address goes away and I start Jonesing
for a conlang fix, so in the words of They Might Be Giants, this is
Number 3.  But fear not, I won't be using my now-triple subscription
to  get around the posting limit and send 15 messages per day or

ObConlang: I've always thought that Latin was overused for magic
spells, and thought a special Language of Magic would make more sense.
 I assume others have had this same thought, and was wondering what
they imagined/created for such a language?



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