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Announcement: New auxlang "Choton"

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Monday, October 4, 2004, 0:13
I've already posted this to the auxlang list, but thought I'd post it here
as well because of the broader audience.

Hello! Hallo! Salut! Ciao! Hola! Konnichi wa! Shalom! Privet! Salem aleikom!

I've now been following the list some time through the web interface, and
now that I finally got my own auxlang done, named "Choton", I decided to
announce it to you, my fellow conlangers :)

Now this isn't your run-of-the-mill romance auxlang (which has been done to
death already), but rather it is based upon English (as the most used
natural language for international communication), German (as the
second-most important Germanic language) and Japanese (since East-Asian
languages are generally completely ignored by auxlangs, with Japanese being
the most important there, and also the most suited one). Along with this go
a very simple and quickly to grasp grammar and a completely phonetic
spelling, without going overboard by the abounding use of unusual special
characters - only two of them (instead of 6 as in Esperanto) for which a
very simple alternative is presented.
For more info, see the page below.

The official homepage can be found here:

On this page, you will find all sorts of information about this auxlang:
- an introduction on my motivation to create it
- a detailled pronunciation guide. Any English speaker should be able to
pronounce these sounds.
- an optional alphabet which I also created to counter the disadvantages of
the Latin alphabet (e.g. no unified translation)
- my try at a common flag and hymn
- an extensive Grammar guide, covering all aspects
- translation of the Babel text
- some links

If you still have questions after going through these resources, don't
hesitate to ask.

Pascal A. Kramm, author of Choton

official Choton homepage:


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