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Re: Adpositionless conlang?

Date:Friday, March 12, 2004, 17:27
Pablo David Flores scripsit:

> The idea is that verbs have a subordinate form, or whatever > you want to call it, that allows the speaker to join them > to other verbs, in the process maybe also changing the voice > and the semantics.
This is exactly how all Lojban prepositions are created. You use a verb and specify which argument of it you want. There is an analytic form allowing you to use any verb whatsoever, and there are 64 synthetic forms for specific verbs the designers thought would be useful. So to say "I see you with my left eye", you can say "I see you eye* left-one", or "I see you tool* left-eye", where "tool*" has a synthetic form but "eye*" does not.
> I heard get* you = "I heard from you"
Lojban: I PAST discover is-source* you
> She needs wood want* building house = "She needs wood to build a house"
Lojban: She PRES need wood 2ND.INVERSE act* (the event-of she build house) "Act" is ditransitive in Lojban: actor x1 does act x2 with purpose x3.
> He poured wine put* glass = "He poured glass into the glass"
Lojban: He PAST is-agent-in (the event-of wine fill glass). Or: Wine fill glass is-agent-in* him. -- Verbogeny is one of the pleasurettes John Cowan <jcowan@...> of a creatific thinkerizer. -- Peter da Silva