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USAGE: NATLANG: I've Gots An English Question

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, June 22, 2003, 16:13
As was repeated many times in various linguistics classes i took in
college, one of the salient characteristics of African American
Vernacular English, a.k.a. Ebonics, is the lack of final |-s| on (if i
remember exactly) possessives, 3rd person singular present verbs, and

So then what dialect of English *adds* final |-s|s where Standard
American says they don't belong?

The song "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" by Jason Mraz that's been on the
radio recently includes the line:

"if you've gots the poison, I've gots the remedy"

At another point in the song he seems to say "I says" as another use of
final |-s| on a non-3rdperson present verb.

So does anyone know if this is a feature of any specific dialect(s)?

-Stephen (Steg)


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