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My very last reply to RJP

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 3, 1998, 6:56
At 4:54 pm -0700 2/11/98, Robert J. Petry wrote:
>"Raymond A. Brown" wrote:
>> But my problem was with a guy who seems to be pretty certain that he is >> already successfully pushing two conIALs whose design was completed more >> than half a century ago.
> >Well, first of all, I am successfully doing that. Just open your eyes abit. >Again, another indirect put down.
No - I said, if you will read WITHOUT PREJUDICE, that you DO consider that you are successfully doing that, i.e. I'm AGREEING with you. How is that another indirect put down???? Only history will tell whether or not you actually are successful. In the private emails I've received in the last two or three days I've had several sympathizing with my frustration in having any reasoned discussion with you. The opinions expressed were that you do not respond to arguments but answer with non_sequiturs. At 11:04 pm -0500 2/11/98, Jay Bowks wrote:
>Illo es difficile trovar rationales pro comprehender >pro que in messages private tu me accusa e me >ordina pro crescer, e in publico tu finge appretiar >mi conselios. Hmmm...
Certe - illo es difficile trovar rationales pro comprehender.... ....except in my case both the censure & the "finge appretiar mi conselios" have been public. Several correspondents have told me they regularly trash RJP's mails & advised to do likewise. Very sound advice, methinks. But I have the politeness to let Bob know that henceforth all his mails will not be read by me & therefore this is my very last reply. Ray.