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Re: My very last reply to RJP

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 3, 1998, 7:11
"Raymond A. Brown" wrote:

> At 4:54 pm -0700 2/11/98, Robert J. Petry wrote: > >"Raymond A. Brown" wrote: > ...... > >> But my problem was with a guy who seems to be pretty certain that he is > >> already successfully pushing two conIALs whose design was completed more > >> than half a century ago. > .......... > > > >Well, first of all, I am successfully doing that. Just open your eyes abit. > >Again, another indirect put down. > > No - I said, if you will read WITHOUT PREJUDICE, that you DO consider that > you are successfully doing that, i.e. I'm AGREEING with you. How is that > another indirect put down???? > > Only history will tell whether or not you actually are successful. > > In the private emails I've received in the last two or three days I've had > several sympathizing with my frustration in having any reasoned discussion > with you. The opinions expressed were that you do not respond to arguments > but answer with non_sequiturs. > > At 11:04 pm -0500 2/11/98, Jay Bowks wrote: > >Illo es difficile trovar rationales pro comprehender > >pro que in messages private tu me accusa e me > >ordina pro crescer, e in publico tu finge appretiar > >mi conselios. Hmmm... > > Certe - illo es difficile trovar rationales pro comprehender.... > > ....except in my case both the censure & the "finge appretiar mi conselios" > have been public. > > Several correspondents have told me they regularly trash RJP's mails & > advised to do likewise. > > Very sound advice, methinks. But I have the politeness to let Bob know > that henceforth all his mails will not be read by me & therefore this is my > very last reply. > > Ray.
I see the gang has finally decided to gang up on me. Excellent. I love a fair discussion. Al l sue, Bob, x+