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Re: consturcted language lists

From:Bob LeChevalier (lojbab) <lojbab@...>
Date:Friday, April 21, 2000, 21:16
At 12:06 PM 04/15/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, these are some of the lists I've found. If there is some other (and I >know there are) please speek. > >D: discution list >A: anouncement list >s: shared with another language >m: moderated >r: restricted >(): main discution language > (De) German > (En) English > (Es) Spanish > (Po) Portuguese > (Sk) Scandinavian > (x) topic language > >CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGES GENERAL >general D(En): >general D(Sk): >general A(En): (Model Languages newslater) >only conlangs D(En): >any topic D(En): > >AUXILIARY LANGUAGES GENERAL >Auxiliary D(En): >Auxiliary D(En): > >AUXILIARY LANGUAGES (SPECIFIC) >Folkspraak D: >Ido D(En) >Ido D(x) >Ido D(x) > >SPECIAL PURPOSE LANGUAGES >Lojban D(En): >Lojban D(x): >NGL D(En): >Dublex Game D: > >FICTIONAL LANGUAGES >Brithenig Ds(En): >Hangkerimce Ds(En/Es): >Klingon D(De): > >Well, and zillions Esperanto lists.
There are also lists for Interlingua and for Occidental in the specific Auxlang lists, and maybe a couple of others; I can ask on Auxlang for someone to compile you a good list in this category. I would suggest listing at least a couple of the Esperanto lists since you give three for Ido - maybe ask Don Harlow for a recommendation or look in the Esperanto FAQ that is all over the Web. There is a "List of Language Lists" somewhere out there that includes conlang lists, created by Comrie and someone in Ireland. John Cowan should be able to give a current pointer. lojbab ---- lojbab Bob LeChevalier, President, The Logical Language Group, Inc. 2904 Beau Lane, Fairfax VA 22031-1303 USA 703-385-0273 Artificial language Loglan/Lojban: (newly updated!)