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Introduction and sandhi scripting question.

From:Edgard Bikelis <bikelis@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 22:14

I'm creating a conlang (now unexpected here!), called Ausónia Bhâmaa,
Ausonian, or 'golden speech', etymologically. Well, it is an indo-european
conlang, with its morphology almost done, and syntax almost completely to
do. For those wanting to take a look, here it is: , or

It is a jungle of errors, as English is not my native language, and
the text is not too up-to-date compared with my 'mental version'.
Anyway, there is too my conscript, that at least I myself like. Nice
comments are very welcome ; ). Note too that it is not intended to be
a scientific description, at least within our science. Ausónos was
quite excentric, mind you...

Well then. I started growing my vocabulary, and on the 100th word I
decided I had a problem. Until then I'm trying to solve it as easily
as possible. Instead of using MySQL, I edit a common spreadsheet on
OpenOffice, for it uses Unicode much better than my version of Excel,
and then I save it as CSV, 'comma separated values'. This archive I
use with PHP, that read it and displays nicely, I think:

Those links on each word will lead to its inflection, and here I am
stuck. I tried to write a sandhi script myself, but I had pain enough
figuring how to reduce equal vowels to its long version. Then I chased
something already done, but nothing in PHP. I have never used Perl,
and then I have no idea about how to use this:

that seems very promising, anyway. Can anyone give a little help? I
suppose my way of writing this dictionary is decent enough to be
useful for others, though it is so raw for now... export to XML should
be easy, and then to composing a PDF version, much easier than
correcting everything from a Word file, or a TXT one (brrr).

Edgard Bikelis scripsit.


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