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Re: Brithenig, Zelandish, Vayaun (jara: New Survey: Celtic Conlangs)

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Monday, January 13, 2003, 6:40
On 01/12 14:34  Jan van Steenbergen wrote:
> --- andrew skrzypszy: > > > Andrew Smith, Brithenig, Zelandish, Vayaun, 2.0 > > Is "Vayaun" the same language as "Vakaman" (that IIRC was called "Vokhomos" in > an earlier stage)? >
Yes, I have borrowed soundchanges eclecticly in Vayaun. First the -m- mutated to |w~|. The nasalisation merged with the treatment of nasal clusters in the ajma script, where it is written as a subscript. The following |n| caused it be pronounced the same. The closing of the syllable caused the |k| to mutate to |y|. Vayaun is a anglicisation of the native name /vayaunn&s/.
> > Brithenig is inactive. While I am still working through a backlog of > > translations for my own amusement I am no longer publishing them. > > This never ceases to amaze me. Apart from Tolkien's languages, I doubt whether > there is any other conlang that has ever been such a direct inspiration for > other conlangs. I can assure you: without Brithenig, there wouldn't have been > Wenedyk. >
I know, even so... O llo wstr ffeil di lla Isl Flanc ffeirth Plannen llo cheisinuid ci, suryen llo chawell di'll Dragun ci... ill llog ke lla Ysl Flanc dorfif gwo'll arfur morthal E cullell orew'll Drewyd ymudaf in ill crow dynal I llo h-oblediwn di lla wid ddynal O llo wstr ffeil di lla Isl Flanc ffeirth VOC DEF.p 2pf.POSS son of DEF.f island white mighty Plannen llo cheisinuid ci, suryen llo chawell di'll Dragun ci... plant.GER DEF.p oakgrove.p there, rise.GER DEF.p temple.p of_DEF.m dragon there ill llog ke lla Ysl Flanc dorfif gwo'll arfur morthal DEF.m place REL DEF.f island white.f sleep.PAST.3s under_DEF.m tree deadly E cullell orew'll Drewyd and knife golden_DEF.m druid ymudaf in ill crow dynal riot.PAST.3s in DEF.m gore human I llo h-oblediwn di lla wid ddynal in DEF.p offering.p of DEF.f life.f human.f O you sons of the mighty White Island Planting these oak-groves, erecting these temples of the Dragon... where the White Island slept under the deadly tree and the Druid's golden knife rioted in human gore in the offering of human life (part in an occasional series of translations that I do for my own benefit. One person has asked me to continue posting them.)
> > My journal is written in Zelandish, or Zelandisch, a conlang based on > > Wordcraft and the Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. I have been writing > > in this language for about six years. There is no write-up on this > > language although it desparately needs one. > > Well, the material you posted earlier about it was interesting enough. Me, as a > Dutch person, had little trouble understanding it. So keep me far from your > diary (as if the distance between the Netherlands and New Zealand wasn't big > enough)... >
I love doing pseudo-Dutch when I want to do a Germanic language. Maybe it's the argument that a modern Englisc language would look more like Dutch than English. I just follow the trend. - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus alias Mungo Foxburr of Loamsdown