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Re: und we me gseht

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Monday, February 5, 2001, 16:29
Henrik Theiling wrote:

> > "Und we me gseht, was hütt dr Mönschheit droht, > > so gseht me würklech schwarz, nid nume rot. > > Und was me no cha hoffen isch alei, > > dass si Hemmige hei."
> As no-one has answered yet, I'll try. Since Schwitzerdütsch is quite > close to German, I am quite able to translate it, but I'm missing one > word. > > And as we see what threatens mankind nowadays, > We see no light, not only are we afraid. > And what remains is to hope alone > that they have <one_word_that_I_do_not_understand>.
Well, Jörg Rhiemeier replied to me offlist. (Hard for all you guys to know :) ). Here is what he came up with:
>> "Und wenn man sieht, was heute der Menschheit droht, >> so sieht man wirklich schwarz, nicht nur mehr rot. >> Und was man noch hoffen kann ist allein, >> dass sie Hemmungen haben." >> >> Translated into English: >> >> "And as one sees what is threatening mankind today, >> one really sees black[*] rather than just red[**]. >> And what one can still hope for alone is >> that they have inhibitions."
So the word you, Henrik, was wondering about was "Hemmungen", i.e. "inhibitions".
> BTW: I just found the whole text on a page. Seems to be a song by > Stephan Eicher. I checked the other verses but still could not > disambiguate the missing word.
Aha! A guy on another list claimed it was Mani Matter, supposedly a famous Swiss singer. Perhaps they both sing it. Thanks for helping me out, daniel -- <> Daeselaidh goddi mis giall! <> <> <> Lwodadh giall! <> Daniel Andreasson <>