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Re: OT: Double asterisk

From:And Rosta <and.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, June 14, 2008, 15:19
ROGER MILLS, On 12/06/2008 22:15:
> (re Schmuck) > > Hopefully Henrik was using it in the sense that my dictionary gives > "decoration; jewelry", and the verb schmücken 'to decorate, adorn'... > so, by way of "the family jewels"???? IIRC in Yiddish it refers > specifically to the penis, and as a term of opprobrium "What a ....!" > > On a higher note, there's a lovely Bach chorale based on the hymn > "Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele" (in Engl. "Deck thyself, O my soul...")
You disappoint me, Roger: experience has led me to expect better than the introduction of a higher note from you one of our most cherishable of tone-lowerers. --And.