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New Latin Based Conlang

From:Abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 4, 2000, 14:21
    I and a colleague have worked on developing a new inter-Romance, or
pan-Latin conlang for the past several months, to be called Romanova.
interested in perusing it in its current state of development -- 2000+
based on the four major RL's (alphabetically French, Italian, Portuguese
Spanish) may read our post from 1/1/2000 in this group, or browse to the

Romanova website at

    Romanova is a long-term, ongoing project. We are calling for
contributors to help provide translations of the introductory text into
Esperanto, German, Interlingua, Hindustani, and Russian, to be posted
other language-related newsgroups and onto the homepage. We have already

provided, or are in process of producing, versions of the text in
French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanova, and Spanish. Any volunteer help
these lines would be greatly appreciated, and will be publicly
Translations for other major languages will also be given consideration. or

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