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demuan identifiers re-visited

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 24, 1999, 16:51
As you know if you remember my ancient posts, demuan identifiers hold teh
key to whether their nouns are singular or plural. I just discovered soem
interesting consequences of this in the quantifiers subgroup:

This four is teh original group of quantifiers:

bama - every ; all ; both
nani - a few ; either
nene - no ; neither
lama - the category of things known as...

The following pairs are a logical consequence:

bama meta - all of the city ; the entire city
bamer meta - all of the cities ; every city

nani meta - a part of the city
naner meta - a few of the cities

nene meta - no part of the city
nener meta - none of the cities

This nene/nener distinction is rather vague, and there is no possible
distinction for lama/lamer. I think I will drop lama from teh vocabulary
entirely, which is a shame, as I am fond of that word.

Sample sentences:

naner sking du inglan-de i naner sking du franse-de
Some of us are English and some of us are French.

nene sking du inglan-de i nene sking du franse-de
We are part English and part French.

I know you understand what you thought I said,
But I'm not sure you understand that what you
thought I said is not what I meant to say.