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Diachronics (was: Conlang for the Foundations saga)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Saturday, October 21, 2006, 15:07
Eric Christopherson wrote:
>*Off topic... If you're like me, you do care about plotting out diachronic >development. I've been wondering for a while what the "deepest" conlang >is, diachronically -- how much time in conreality it takes to evolve. The >deepest I've seen so far is the Drem family at > , which spans about 13,000 years. I'd >love to plot the evolution of a language at least that far.
The title "Proto-Drem", as well as the notion of placing it at minus 5000 on the timescale, does suggest that there will be daughterlangs eventually, but none of them appear to be in there yet... so it's "only" 8KA worth of changes at the moment. I'm not explicitely aware of any loooong diachronics, but I suppose rudimentary sketches of some 20 millenia would not be impossible. It's sketching the details that's the hard part... (well this message ended up less interesting than it could've) John Vertical _________________________________________________________________ Uutisista turhaan tietoon. Mitä ikinä etsitkin, MSN Search löytää hakemasi.