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Translation: haKeves haShisha `Asar

From:list James E. Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 20, 1999, 13:47

A great freedom for all the children,
(Giganit otrinud resh shey ta suin,)

And they won't tell us what to eat and what to think.
(Vey mogese kiinova uridya ba talshya ra-ruvyadjen.)

That they won't ask us to do what we don't want to,
(U mogese ra-aatisyadjen korunya idaova kiinova korunya ra-vemyari,)

and that they won'y say things that we don't understand.
(vey u ra-eypyadjen idaovon, kiinovon ra-dayari.)

That all the children will go up into the trees,
(U shey ta suainen dini ta dervushesea pitimishyaten,)

And that all the adults will become small!)
(Vey u shey ta imreytainen kikilifyaten!)

Jim H
ta Druntan