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Noli and who?

From:abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 7, 1999, 5:38
Who is the Noli by chance? We in the US and like have Piglatin, but it
is just English modified, how is Notya different from the main lingo of
the Noli?


> I wonder if a small group could not invent a Conlang, use it as a
> of thier group/commune/sect/etc so that amongst themselves they can > communicate, but the outside can't. Like the Amish and like groups go > with old High German and like lingos.. >
ObConlang/Conculture: That's exactly how the Noli use Notya, as a secret language for their diaspora. The discussion among them being whether Notya is an invented language, a natural language or an "engineered" natural language. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Thousands of Stores. Millions of Products. All in one place. Yahoo! Shopping: