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Animal/meat (was Re: Tricky translations)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, January 16, 2005, 5:05
Charlie wrote:
> --- In, Sai Emrys <saizai@G...> wrote: > > > "Rock" and "stone". > > > > That makes me think of another one - [animal] and [meat product]. > > > > - Sai > > > IN Senyecan this is easily done. The word for the animal is in the > animate -en class. The some word for the meat is in the inanimate - > on class > > µácen - cow; µácon - beef.
(snip) It's the same in Kash, except the difference is only apparent in the accusative-- rungombra lopan 'slaughter a lopa' ciki lopa 'to fry lopa' The meat can also be referred to as _endak lopa_ 'meat (of) lopa' Lopa, as I've mentioned, is analogous to sheep or goat. Some time back I discovered the cow analogue, called, surprisingly, kawu [kaw]. The young of the lopa is called aneñe < ana+eñe 'child+bleat' (that's onomatopoetic). The young of the kawu, I recently learned, is called _kahuna_ [ka'xuna], perhaps also onomat. New vocab item: back when a certain Fast Food chain was advertising it, friends and I speculated that _calupa_ [tSa'lupa] might mean "sh*t", but it got vetoed. Now I know it means "a great big mess, total disarray/disorder/chaos". It appears to be an old superlative (ca-), but lupa doesn't occur in Kash; perhaps in a related language; or maybe it's < Gwr-- we shall see.