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DECAL: Examples #1 and #2

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Saturday, January 15, 2005, 23:09
Sai Emrys nevesht:
> >OK, so. How about a slightly less ... controversial topic, this time. >This is the first in a series of queries. > >I'd like to have a bunch of examples from Real Live (or trying-to-be) >Conlangs to have at hand for my class as samples of how conlangers >decide certain questions, and on what basis. > >I probably won't use *all* examples I get, but the more (and the more >varied) the better - especially for the "motivation" part. > >I may use these during class (which will be recorded), or to print in >lecture notes, online examples, quizzes, problem sets, or the reader. >I will, of course, give credit for anything I use - please include the >name and URL / email you'd like to be credited by (I'll use whatever >your sig lists, as a default). > >First off: phonetic / phonemic inventory. > >Q1: What is your *phonemic* inventory? I.e., what are all of the >discriminated phonemes in your conlang(s). (IPA / CXS / X-SAMPA)
/a/,/e/,/i/,/o/,/u/ /b/,/d/,/g/,/h/,/j/,/k/,/k'/,/K/,/l/,/m/,/n/,/N/,/p/,/p'/,/r/,/s/,/t/,/t'/,/tK/,/tK'/,/ts/,/ts'/,/w/,/?/ tones /_H/,/_L/
> >Q2: What are the allophones? I.e., for each phoneme, what are the >"normal" variants that don't change meaning?
/s/ etc. varies [s][S] depending if /i/,/j/ follows syllable final /?/,/n/,/h/,/l/ all partially assimilate to following C
> >Q2b: If you have any, what are the connotations / implications of the >different allophones? E.g., do you use them for different dialects, >registers, "accents", etc.?
Likely local accents, but no details yet.
> >Q3: How do your choices for the above reflect the goals of your >language? E.g., if it's an auxlang [here!?], it's probably motivated >by having common, strongly "universal" common-use phonetics to >maximize learnability. So, for whatever your goals are for the >conlang, how do they apply to the choices you made for phonetics / >phonology?
Meant to be naturalistic. Phonotactics
> >Same deal as last time. > >Q1: What are your allowable syllable structures?
(C)(G)V(F) C = any consonant(not inc /w/,/j/) G = /w/, /j/ V = /a/,/e/,/i/,/o/,/u/ F = /n/,/h/,/j/,/w/,/l/,/?/ F is moraic and gets its own tone
>Q2: Onset clusters?
>Q3: Codas?
See Q1.
> >Q4: Any changes depending on place in word, etc.?
> >Q5: Motivation / reasoning / goals behind this?
Some inspiration from Japanese and kiSwahili, and pronounciblility
--Wayne Chevrier