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Re: joining concultures,was Re: Alternative histories and

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 26, 1999, 2:12
(This message was suposed to go to the list, I think I sent it to only on=

Rhialto wrote:

> >Carlos, amid a very entertaining thread: > >> 1723 (1657) London and York are bombed from Hangkerim ships. > > > >They sailed up the Thames to bomb London, I guess, but how did they > >bomb York? Is it possible to sail to York? (I don't have a map handy, > >& I don't know where the river in York runs to.) > > Sure you can sail up to york. But you can't sail up to it in anything s=
> enough to survive a sea voyage. York is riverboats only, and Im not too=
> even of that.
I guess I should have look at a map first :(. I haven't decide yet which technology had Lemuraki and Hangkerim people a= t 1657 AD, but I dubt there where helium balloons. Then I supose there was not = York the city bombed from H. ships. Somebody knows which were England's most important ports in XVII century? In my time line there were trading ships by 1492 AD, many of them would h= ave be able to cross the Pacific or the Atlantic, but sailors saw no point in lo= osing sight to shore... except probably in the middle of the Caribbean or the G= ulf of Mexico. Probably some of the technology had been merged with Viking technology... some sagas (my time line) tells about Erick the Red meeting= some fabulous peoples in what he called Vinland, but before Columbus, people i= n Europe thoght it was even more fabulous than Marco Polo's. But even those Viking influences, I guess that the navy ships that came u= p to England were too big to sail up to York.
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