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Re; Interbeing

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Sunday, February 17, 2002, 20:14
Hi all,

'The true poet will see the cloud in this paper. for without a cloud
there can be no rain and, without rain, trees can't grow and, if trees
can't grow, there would be no paper.
In this way the paper and the cloud interare. The word 'interbe' isn't a
word you'll find in the dictionary but, I think it should be, for just
this purpose'

Here is the World premiere of my latest conlang. It's still nameless but
I'm tending toward Romangua. Translating this added 25% to its
vocabulary.  :)

Verdardo verambo sepapen. Posimmbo pluneble, esimplu neaumtarboi.
Sirboineaumta, nechepape.
Poque nuveble papemboqua stanter. Selbra 'stanter' neditsion, mejonso
questansesale posententio.

Pronunciation is very similar to Spanish except for 'qu' which is
pronounced like 'kw'
I haven't really decided about stress yet.

Verdardo; Verda - true, Rdo - poet
verambo; ve - to see, ra [fut], mbo - cloud
sepapen; Se - this, pape-paper, n-in
Posimmbo; Po-because, for, sim-without, mbo-cloud
pluneble; plu-rain, ne-not, ble-possible
esimplu; e-and, sim-without, plu-rain
neaumtarboi; ne-not, aumta-grow, rbo-tree, i-[plural]
Sirboineaumta; si-if, rbo-tree, i [plural], ne-not, aumta-grow
nechepape; ne-not, che-there is, pape-paper
poque; po-for, because, que-that
nuveble; nu-we,ve-see, ble-possible
papemboqua; pape-paper, mbo-cloud, qua-and
stanter; sta-to be, nter-inter
selbra; se-this, lbra-word
neditsion; ne-not, ditsio-dictionary, n-in
mejonso; me-but, jo-I, nso-to think
questansesale; que-that [relative], sta-to be, nsesa-necesary, le-it
posententio; po-for, se-this, ntentio-purpose, reason