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Re: Arawakan

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 15:31
>>>Roger wrote:
AFAIK, AIAOTC (As far as I know, and I am open to correction)Arawakan is a language family, mostly in S.America now, but pre-Conquestwidespread throughout the Caribbean basic. The modern languages are foundalong the northern coast of SA; I'm not sure how far inland the familyextends. A language frequently cited as OSV is Hixkarana, also S.American, but Idon't recall ever seeing its family affiliation. So, with Rob's language,the other one cited (began with J....) and Hixkarana, we have 3OSVs...unless those are just variant names for the same language?
The language I cited is Lokono Arawak and is spoken in Surinam and French Guyana. It is supposed to be very similar to the language Columbus encountered in the Caribean. I have no digital version of my 'little grammar' anymore, but I think to recall that it is NOT OSV. I have a teaching book at home and have a look in it. I'll let you know ASAP. Rob