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reformed English Grammar, by me.

From:Joe Hill <joe@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 15:27
My reformed english grammar adds case into english.  The cases I have chosen
are the original 8 PIE cases.

The cases are formed by extending the root english word with a suffix.  If
the word ends with a vowel, then the vowel in the suffix is dropped, if it
ends with the suffix,then the suffix is dropeed.

Roots: "father, you"

Nominative : -es "fatheres, yous"
Accusative: -em "fatherem, youm"
Genitive: -er "father, your"
Dative: -ed "fathered, youd"
Ablative: -eb "fathereb, youb"
Locative: -en "fatheren, youn"
Vocative: -o "fathero, you"
Instrumental: -ev "fatherev, youv"

All cases apart from nominative, and voatives with the root ending in a
vowel. Inflect plurals with -s

Nominative plural: -esen "fatheresen, yousen"

Vocatives inflect with an -s, but take the last vowel sound out of the root.

And now, a babel text.

Now the whole Worldes had one languagem and one common speechem.  As manesen
moved eastward, theys found a plainem Shinaren.  Theys said to each otherem,
"Come, let ims make brickems, and bake them throughly."
So theys used brickems stoneds, and bitumenem mortared.  Then theys said
"come, let ims build myselfeds a citem, with a towerem which reaches the
heavenems, so that isen may make a namem myselfeds and not be scattered over
the earthem. But the Lordes came down to see the citem, and the towerem that
the manesen were building.  The Lordes said "if as one peoplem, speaking the
same languagem, theys have begun to do thisem, then nothing theys plan to do
will be impossible for theym. Come, let ims go down and confuse theyr
langugem so theys will not understand each otherem."  So the Lordes
scattered theym from therem over all the earthem, and theym stopped building
the citem.  thates is why that places is called Babel, because the lordes
confused the languagem of the whole worldem theren. thereb the Lordes
scattered theym over the face of the whole Earthem.

I'll post an interlinear if anyone needs it. Oh, and if anyone has a nice
regular orthography, could they put it into their Orthography.  Thanks.


Tristan Alexander McLeay <anstouh@...>