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Re: Post Ear Infection Sick Days, Holidays...

From:Sheets, Jeff <jsheets@...>
Date:Monday, December 28, 1998, 17:02
Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  Most of it was the religious
discussions which I zipped through with the cursor on delete.  Sorry if I
missed anything intriguing.

> ---------- > From: Sheets, Jeff[SMTP:JSheets@CILCO.COM] > Reply To: Constructed Languages List > Sent: Monday, December 28, 1998 9:45 AM > To: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG > Subject: Post Ear Infection Sick Days, Holidays... > > Now I have **470** Conlang related E-Mails. Sheesh. This is gonna cut a > BIG chunk outta work. Can't be all that bad then. :) >