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Re: My conlang Nemalo

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 16:31
Hemmo wrote:

>>Then learn it. "Pronounced like" descriptions are well-known to mean >>nothing to most people. You really need to learn IPA and at least its >>X-SAMPA transcription, or you won't ever be able to describe sounds in a >>meaningful way here. I will show you why immediately. >> >> > >I see what you mean, but I don't think pronouncuation is the most important >thing. I'll try to make some Sampa list later. > > > >>>&#349; (S with ^): like English SH >>> >>> > > > >>Please no HTML entities in e-mail. HTML is for webpages. For e-mail, use a >>transliteration, a description (like you do otherwise) or point out to a >>webpage with some info. But no HTML of any kind in e-mail, please. >> >> > >It got converted automaticly, I send this via the web-interface of >, I don't really know how posting via Outlook works. > > > >>Most people don't know how this is pronounced. And do you mean /ej/, /Ej/, >>/aj/ or /E/ (all four pronunciations current in various Dutch dialects. >>There are more). >> >> > >I just assumed the 'official' sound, not the sound of some dialect. > > >
The problem with English is that, well, there is no 'official' pronunciation, unlike French, or something. North American, English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Australian, and New Zealandic dialects are all quite different, and they all define the 'standard' language differently (GA, RP, SSE, and various others)


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