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From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Monday, August 9, 1999, 3:09
Some comments about the auxlang "Talit."

1.    Intro is very funny.

2.    "letters are pronounced like they write"

        If you say "Letters are pronounced as they are written," you're not
making sense.
It's better to say that the spellings have their usual pronunciations, or,
more accurately, that your spellings are phonemic.    Also, writing about
"spellings" rather than "letters" lets you off the hook when it comes to
"sh" and "ng," neither of which are single letters.

3.    Where are your plural pronouns?    I don't see any "we," "you all," or
"they" here.

4.    Watch your literal glosses, for example:

your car
karat uash
car you

This should be ...

your car
karat  ua-sh
car    poss-2nd

5.    I don't see any reason to consider adjectival "l-" and adverbial "k-"
to be relative pronouns.    They look like derivational affixes to me.   Why
not just say that adverbs and adjectives come after the constituents?

6.    Lesson 8:    Where's the relative element in this example?   You put
relative "that" in your gloss, but I don't see it in the Talit original.

"he says that he speaks to you.
tatlat in tatlat esh.
he-speak into-that he-speak you."

Is this gloss missing "ial," which you show us in lesson 9?

You've got some interesting ideas;   I think your presentation could benefit
from more complete explanations.

I know this is a work in progress, and apologize if my comments are