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From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Monday, August 9, 1999, 5:15
This doesn't really have to do with the conlang, i just noticed it when i
saw it's name.


"Talit" ("Tallis") is the Hebrew word for what's called in English a
In a fit of dialectic insanity, the following developed:

Israelis call it a [ta'lit].
Syrians call it a [ta'let].
Ashkenazim call it a ['talIs].

The plurals are:

among Israelis, [tali'tot] or [tali'ot].
among Syrians, [tale'tot].
among Ashkenazim, [t@'lejsIm].

Diasporan Ashkenazim have a habit of masculinizing nonstandard feminine
[t@'lejsIm].  [S@bOsIm].

-Stephen (Steg), founder of the
 Coalition for the Defense of Natural Hebrew -
 down with the Israeli frankenstein-monster!

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