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Re: New forums (was Re: Another Glossotechnia playtesting report)

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 11:17
I wouldn't call it arrogant per se, but I think I've already made my
opinion known about the splintering and needless proliferation of fora
for a very limited audience.

In any case, I wanted to suggest that there are many ways to get
around any internet blocker you might have.

If it's a filter of some kind - e.g. blocked by your ISP, work, or
otherwise - you should find that proxy services like Tor is able to
bypass it entirely.

If you let us know what the situation is more specifically, you'll
probably find help getting around whatever is blocking your access to
the ZBB, unless it is Zompist himself (and to my knowledge, he doesn't
block reading by anyone, and has only very rarely ever banned someone
from posting).

The solution to being blocked from a great resource like the ZBB is to
destroy, disable, or bypass the block - not to pretend the resource
doesn't exist and make a new one. ;)

- Sai

P.S. I say this having, in my own naïveté of a scant few years ago,
created the LiveJournal conlangs community ere I knew of CONLANG or
ZBB, out of desire to have *some* community. I've since nigh abandoned
LJ Conlangs in favor of CONLANG - for essentially the same reasons as
for which I've advocated mergers, i.e. much greater traffic and
general resourcefulness. I think, however, it retains its niche use as
a community of the same sort as the one we have on Facebook: intended
primarily as a gathering-place for conlangers who happen to use a
particular site, rather than as a primary location like CONLANG and


Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>