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From:Damon M. Lord <lorddm@...>
Date:Friday, July 27, 2001, 0:17
Morning all :)

Time to sneak in and say "Hi". I'm Damon, at university in S. Wales,
and the creator of the Wessisc language (hybrid of P-Celtic and Anglo-
Saxon/Old English), which is part of Ill Bethisad universe of
Brithenig et al. fame. My site is currently being rewritten and
redesigned, as well as I'm making alterations to the lang at the mo,
so don't expect too much :)

The Babel Text needs retranslating as I did it BADLY, so please
ignore that at the moment.

I've been observing this list for quite some time (one or two of you
know me already from the Celticonlang list) over at Yahoo! but never
could post, so I thought it was just me, maybe you didn't like me or
something ;) Then I was told that you can't post at Yahoo! anyway to
this list, and was pointed the way to thingy and now I'm
posting :) . I originally joined back in 1997 where I lurked but
never posted and I was a member for three days - 81 e-mails in one
weekend nearly blew my inbox up so I had to leave back then.

So here's a conlanging Q to start me off - since I began, I've just
been adding vocabulary as I've been going along as and when I need
it. Is there any core vocab I need to consider to give the lang a
kick in the the right direction? I was thinking of tinkering with the
Swadesh list as a starter....
Not so much out of my tree, as driving away from the orchard at high speed.
Damon M. Lord
Languages Student


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