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Rihana:Hetiba-fe-ye Diha-fe 3

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 26, 2004, 20:13
Note: This section describes the first leader of the Hetiha movement,
"Bamali" (Bloodred) is a normal word for red and has no sinister
Sometimes this figure is also called simply Bamaliba (Redman).

III. Bamalibate-ye Foha By-i Diha
Bloodredcoat-of Life First Part

Tivako nabomiwa-wewa-me Bamalibate-ye
Godgiven landtakingtime-beforetime-in Bloodredcoat-of
dakoba-ye dakoba Pihana-ye tiba-ye Hemanathe-ye nitiba.
father-of father Hotland's lord's Desertedge's vassal.
Sepe Tivako-ye vejomiwa-me,se nitiba
But Godgiven's comingtime-in this vassal
Rihana-ye biba-fe-je wibiwo-si.
Coldland's warriors-by killed-was.
Kere Bamalibate-ye dakoba niba wijo-si.
So Bloodredcoat's father peasant made-was.
Fugefe Pihana-ye niba-fe Bamalibate-ye
Many Hotland's peasants Bloodredcoat's
dakoba veba-fe-ye tiniba wijo.
father their headman made.
Zilalivane (Zilivane) Hemanathe-ye tiba
Copperbeard Desertedge's lord
Bamalibate-ye dakoba wibiwo, se kere
Bloodredcoat's father killed,this from
Bamalibate hetiba wijo-si, ge Zilavane-pe
Bloodredcoat freeman was made,and Copperbeard-against
wiwobo. Tifisa-fe-me fo-mi, Bamalibate
fought. Mountains-in living, Bloodredcoat
Zilivane-ye biba-fe ge laboba-fe wibiwo.
Copperbeard's warriors and taxcollectors killed.
Copied 3.20.04