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R: R: Re: More changes in Montreiano :)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 20, 2000, 15:07
I wrote:

> > pRomance had *vetulu, a diminutive of vetus,-eris (meaning 'old'). *vetulu > wassyncoped in *vetlu, giving *veclu and its Italian descent 'vecchio' > /vEkkjo/. My dialect has vegg /vEtS/ because it develops /kl/ as /tS/,
> Italian has /kj/ (another exemple? *clave 'key', Italian chiave /kjave/,
> dialect ciaav /tSa:f/). Probably Spanish and French worked out a *vellu / > *velliu from *vet(u)lu, and then they dimply passed these forms through
^^^^^ that should be 'simply' Sorry, Luca
> their typical sound changes' patterns. > > Luca > > > > > Christophe. >