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Have a Happy Austral Solstice

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón <chlewey@...>
Date:Thursday, December 21, 2000, 20:04
As the most PC greeting I can come with, Have all of you a Happy Austral

(Well, as longer as we keep to be related to Earth this greeting should be
accurate for members of any religion or inhabitants of either hemisphere).

BTW, how politically correct are our languages or language speakers, or how
eufemistic can the become?

Well, AFMCL, Chleweyish is as PC as the Chleweiness is.  Things spoken in
Chleweyish are correct as longer as they are accurate, unless you add
explicite derogative word... in other words, what ever you say in
Chleweyish, if you don't add a derogative word, it is politically correct...
or yet in other words, nothing's politically correct: it is either false or
thrue or undefined.

Then if you say "Navey zawme!" you just wish your party a Happy Christmas
either if you care or not if your party is Christian.  What is important is
that you want your party to be happy during the official festivity you call
"navey".  An average Chleweyish speaker should not take offence if s/he
doesn't celebrate Christmas.

Hangkerimian, by other hand, is most of the times a direct language but many
direct things could be interpreteed as insults or misconsideration.  Well,
in Hangkerim land, wishing a Happy Southern Sun Standing, is something you
should take no offence at all, since that is a civil festivity unconected to
religion, and they wuould take no offence either if you which them a Happy
Christmas... but you should be carefull not to call "Spanish" a Criollo,
neither "English" a Nyucarian.  In popular speech both ZEPANYON (Spanish)
and HINLICA (English) are derogative words and there are many sayings using
those words in a negative sense... well, Spain doesn't exist any longer in
Zera, then people carefully try to call any people from the Iberic Peninsula
as PURUTUKEZE, KAZEYANU, KAZALAN or PAZEKU.  If they whant to be Politically
Correct, they also avoid using sayings or analogies with HINLICA where
chances are from an English to listen/read it.

-- Carlos Th
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