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Audio Sample of Obrenje

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Thursday, April 11, 2002, 22:24
I finally got around to recording an AIFF of the translation exercise
textlet.  It's available from my site: (~400K)

As a reference, here's the transcript (for those of you who haven't
learned it by heart for some reason ;-):

Zyn ingo zaw.          /Zyn "iNgO zaw/
"O imlale a galimole.  /O im"la:la gali"mo:l/
Ew trunte moa bisce."  /Ew "trMnt# "mo:a "biss#/
Lom imloze             /lOm im"lo:Z/
A galimuze.            /a gali"mu:Z/
A trunte priwoc.       /a trMnt# pri"wOx/

I'm pretty happy with the authenticity of the sounds except for the
/M/, which sounds a bit too rounded in the sample.  It's not a native
sound for me.  However, I have another, shorter sample with nice /M/s
and a purely velar /x/ here: (56K)

It's the phrase |o drunje ducte|, meaning "good night".

Now I want to hear some samples of y'all's conlangs!  =P

-- Christian Thalmann