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Re: waiting on yod

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, January 24, 2002, 19:23
Andrew wrote:

>I am working on a new conlang with a nice range of sounds, including >(among others): /y/, /Y/, /j/ and /dZ/. Initially /j/ was [y], and /dZ/ >was [j]. Recently I decided to change /Y/ and /y/ from u-umlaut to y >and y-acute. Now I have to figure out what to do with the consonants. >I don't think /j/ can remain [y], too confusing. I am considering >changing it to [j], but that leaves me a loss what to do with /dZ/. I >am debating [dj], with [tj] for /tS/, but I am wondering if there are >other options? > >/S/ and /Z/ are not independent consonant values in this language, so >tsh and dzh are not available as options.
Personally, I would never have killed the u-umlaut, but that's just OK: [j] changes from "y" to "j" [dZ] from "j" to..."dj or dz", maybe "z" if that's not otherwise used? [tS] from ?? to "tj", or "c" or "x" if those aren't otherwise used? Given that [j] is "j", dj/tj are very logical-- Indonesian used them for years for [dZ, tS]. Since you're willing to entertain digraphs, "jj" could also stand for [dZ], but then I don't know what to use for [tS].....maybe "cc"? So you see that changing one symbol opens a terrible can of worms......;-)