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Re: Just Found a Website That's Priceless

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 23, 2002, 19:17
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From: "Andreas Johansson" <and_yo@...>
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Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: Just Found a Website That's Priceless

> John Cowan wrote: > >Dennis Paul Himes scripsit: > > > > > There was just a thread about this on sci.math, only with
> >and > > > 0.739085133215. > > > >IIRC this is much slower. > > It is. Starting on 1 dot something required a couple dozen
> 'fore it reached the attractor (to the precision of my calculator).
Using MS Windows 2000 Scientific Calculator, I reached 0.73908513321516064165531208767387 in 178 iterations from 0.9998477415310881129598107686798 .
> Oh, and someday I'd like to see the list of all subjects that've never
> discussed on Conlang. I imagine it to be frighteningly short. > > Andreas > > > The attractor of sin is 0, but it takes the > >patience of Job to get all the way there.
20 iterations from 90 using degrees. Forever using radians. (same calculator). This depends on the presition of the calculator: a calculator with inf decimal places will never reach the limit, even for cos(x) in radians. The attractor, if any, should be when f(x)=x. For tan this should also be 0, but it diverges (in radianas, it converges in degrees). -- Carlos Th