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Re: CHAT: "have a nice day"

From:B Elliott Walker <umwalk05@...>
Date:Friday, March 3, 2000, 1:51
Barry Garcia wrote:
> In all seriousness, most Americans (at least in my experience) don't think > they're better than Canadians.
In fact, in my experience, most Americans that I know of simply consider Canadians polite versions of Americans, who also say "eh?" and things like "oot and aboot" alot. ;-) two cents: hurrah for Canadian raising! well, this is certainly nothing new. stereotypes fly both ways: the simpsons routinely portrays canadians as being rather slow, dull people. Canadian telivision has made a staple of going into the states and making fools of geographical & politically ignorant americans. one especially favourite clip of mine is from 'this hour has 22 minutes', a political commentary/satire show on the CBC. they have a segment called 'talking to americans', and one time they were asking people on the street if jean chretien was a war criminal and should be tried under international many peole said yes that i nearly split myself laughing. (although come canucks would say yes too, but for entirely different and justifiable reasons). vive le(la?) difference! byron ---------------------------------------------- pâtakimwukêc atimwêšup apiyêšupim ecanukwûpôk? replyto: ----------------------------------------------