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Re: CHAT: "have a nice day"

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Friday, March 3, 2000, 2:05
B Elliott Walker wrote:
> > Barry Garcia wrote: > > In all seriousness, most Americans (at least in my experience) don't think > > they're better than Canadians. > > In fact, in my experience, most Americans that I know of simply consider > Canadians polite versions of Americans, who also say "eh?" and things > like "oot and aboot" alot. ;-) > > two cents: > > hurrah for Canadian raising! > > well, this is certainly nothing new. stereotypes fly both ways: the simpsons > routinely portrays canadians as being rather slow, dull people. Canadian > telivision has made a staple of going into the states and making fools of > geographical & politically ignorant americans. >
That's what makes Canadian TV so much fun. I wonder how much stuff they edit out, because some people know something about Canada. Did you know that most Americans don't know that Canada is the only nation to burn the US capital to the ground?
> one especially favourite clip of mine is from 'this hour has 22 minutes', a > political commentary/satire show on the CBC. they have a segment called > 'talking to americans', and one time they were asking people on the street > if jean chretien was a war criminal and should be tried under international > many peole said yes that i nearly split myself laughing. (although > come canucks would say yes too, but for entirely different and justifiable > reasons). >
I know I'd say yes. I wonder who are next PM will be? I hope it's not gonna be that filthy war criminal again.
> vive le(la?) difference! >
I always thought it was vive *la* difference, but don't quote me on that. -- Robert