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Re: Sound changes causing divergence of ordinals from cardinals

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Saturday, January 7, 2006, 18:30
>From: Peter Bleackley <Peter.Bleackley@...> >(5) Final e is lost, and final e: is shortened.
(6) In glide-vowel-glide-vowel environments, the one closer to stress dissimilates: /j w/ -> /Z G/ - unless the stress is on an initial schwa; then the stress moves to the 2nd one, which then shifts instead. /'H@/ from former /'u:/ produces /ZQ/. Value Cardinal Ordinal 1 j@'GQ i'we 2 'nero na'ru 3 'mjo: mi'u 4 'to: 'to: 5 'kin 'kink 6 'jesu ja'swe 7 'Sj@gu Si'gwe 8 'dZuz2 Zo'zy 9 hj@'Za hi'je 10 'neo na'u 11 'hero ha'ru 12 'utsu ot'swe 13 nao'm'Ho: naomy'u 20 naro'no: naro'no: 21 naronQ'ZQwQ naronQy'we 22 narono:'noro narono:nQ'ru 30 mio'no: mionu: 31 naro'no:ro narono:'ru 32 naro'no:tsu narono:'tswe 33 miono:'mjo: miono:mi'u 100 'tSifu Sepwe 1000 'wegor wa'gurk 10000 Sun'tSyfu tSuntS2'pwe
>We seem to have achieved complete irregularity of the ordinals by now, but >they're still recognisable cognates of the cardinals. I do quite like the >fact that two ordinals have become indistinguishable from their cardinals. > >Pete
Also, larger numbers seem to now feature a "compounding" stem of the number rather than either basic form, with the ordinal or cardinal of the last decimal finally added. These stems appear to be almost exactly as in the beginning (eg. 58th: ken-nao-Zo'zy) John Vertical