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Re: Hablando cristiano

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Sunday, August 8, 1999, 7:34
>Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 00:01:39 -0500 >From: Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...> >Subject: Hablando cristiano > >Not wanting to go to sleep yet it came to me that many language names comes >from outsiders that gave a name to the culture and language of a group. >Many times people in the group would call anybody just as "one of us" and >"foraigner".
c.f. Nilenga, our tongue.
> >I was thinking which word would be used by the people if they were to name >their language with no academic aid. I came that Spanish could probably be >called "cristiano" as is common for people to say "hablar en cristiano" (to >speak Christian) as a way of saying "speak clear, using correct Spanish we >can understand", or "il no habla nada en cristiano" (he doesn't speaks any >Christian) for "he doesn't speak something we can understand".
Nilenga forms: *kextokuem::- literally, "cleartalking" N. *kextimok::-"cleartalking" This second one really has the right sound for "Christian talk". Put a capital on it; and I suggest it for the Chlewey brand of NGL:) Kextimok ------------------------------------------- Nilenga grammar: NOUN ROLE u u+em=uem tokuem [a verbal noun of the present tense] or: IM::- infix which changes a stem to a Present Participle, -ing. timok from tok. /def clear itm kex tp Adj st acc JD def clear -------------------------------------------------------------------
> >Well, this make me thing if Kizidanos would really use that name, after all >"kizidano" is a word borrowed from Spanish meaning "Christian", but probably >the name Kizidano would have come from non converted Hangkerimians to call >their converted fellows.
"*Kextimokor" comes largely from an Egyptian source, :).
> >Well, I'll go to bed now.
Buenos dias ahora. Jerry
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