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Re: Il-Progett ta' Ranma

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 22, 1999, 18:17
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From: Fabian <rhialto@...>
To: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG <CONLANG@...>
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 5:22 PM
Subject: Re: Il-Progett ta' Ranma

>Sounds neat, Fabian, but when I went there the pictures didn't show up (=
>also the word 'progett' looks like 'pro=F5et').
Strange. I double checked by loading and reloading the url with an empty cache. No problems downloading the images. I was half-expecting problems with the maltese glyphs, as support for that is still very patchy, althou= gh it is in no way essential for that page. Were you using msie5? That shoul= d work perfectly, as it is my main testbed - mainly because netscape throws= a wobbly with Maltese under certain versions of windows. I'm using IE5, and still no luck.