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Weekly Vocab 4 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 3:36
> 1. slippery cakanip (with inanim.subj.) > The table is slippery.
laca yu cakanip
> > 2. to spill (cak-)ulop > I spilled my soy milk[2] on it.
ñimumi cakulop riyan drink-my got-spilled there (There is no analogue to [dairy] milk; there may be something like soy milk-- can it be used in cooking???)
> > 3. to vex (ca-)kraku (the ca- form implies 'extremely') > This vexes me greatly.
me cakraku tani OR me cakraku liri tayu me/dat. annoyed this/gen.OR ...w.r.t. this/acc.
> > 4. to curse raça 'utter swear words' > I curse the glass that failed me.
maraça eyala engor I-curse glass unsuitable???
> > 5. carpet linganin > My fine carpet is ruined.
linganimbi tevas cacakrum carpet-my elegant utterly-destroyed
> 6. sniffle hmmm. uçakik 'have a head cold/runny nose'; çifi 'make
sniffling noises; boo-hoo'. [fNx-ingressive] sound of trying to clear congested nose by inhaling sharply.
> *sniffle*
çifiç (plural) or [fNx<--]????
> > 7. to replace rucunu caus. of çunu 'different' > I cannot replace it.
ta mapole rucunu not I-can replace
> > 8. heirloom amasir vavangi 'inheritance antique' > It is an heirloom from my great-grandmother's neice's daughter's husband.
Full version: yale amasir vavangi alo kaçamayi anayi luma anasuyayi otimbarokimi it-is "heirloom" from husband/gen child/gen female niece/gen gt-grmother/gen/my Short version: ....alo anakaveyi otimbarokimi anakave 'distant rel. of a distant or deceased relative' (old compd. anani 'its child' + have 'family')
> > 9. ghost kowana > His ghost will follow me for all my days.
kowanani me yalulusokto ri yuno leroç amaraç ghost-his me/dat 3s/pursue,bedevil in all days ages(=forever)
> > 10. bitter kret > I shall die a bitter, hunted person.
cakret calulusok mahorendo embittered pursued I/die/fut. [If you are not a person, replace
> that word with an appropriate term.]
kaç male!! 'I _am_ a person/human being!!'
> [2] Soy milk is nothing compared to the real thing.
Sounds mildly disgusting. I live on milk and peanut butter; thank God I'm only allergic to my cats.