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Re: OT: Feminism (Was: OT: reality (wasRe: Atlantean))

From:Heather Fleming <hfleming@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 14, 2004, 1:31
As another of the token posting females on the list, I thought I'd put in my 2 cents...

> PS Why doesn't there seem to be any feminists on the list? Despite the > disagreements we have on everything from Tagalog grammar to the existence of > Arhats, one can apparently refer to God with masculine pronouns here without > drawing any flak whatsoever.
Meh. I'm all for inclusive language where appropriate, but I have no problem with referring to the Judeo-Christian God as He (at least the first two Persons of the Trinity, anyway). I certainly don't think God the Father is actually _male_, but Jesus called Him Father and Daddy and that's good enough for me. I've encountered some hymnals and prayer books that try to get away from pronouns entirely by using God, Godself, etc., and it's just goofy. I'm all for being against the exploitation of women, but good grief, there are far more useful places to look for exploitation than which pronoun one uses to refer to God. Then again, I suppose it also depends on your definition of "feminist." I wouldn't call myself a "feminist" as that implies embracing certain schools of thought that are completely antithetical to my own. "Feminism" (as the intellectual and political movement which has its roots in Marxist thought, as opposed to merely being against the exploitation of women) has some very scary roots and some very scary philosophies attached to it, which IMO are just as degrading to both men and women, if not more, than what they are ostensibly fighting. But I digress. I suspect there aren't any real "feminists" (as in, subscribing to conventional Marxist-rooted feminist ideology) on this list because since at least the posting population of the list is dominated by males, it's worthless. But anyway, I'm a female, and I'm not offended by the use of male pronouns. Heather, who is incidentally also a decidedly faith-holding Christian, and does not feel in any way repressed. ------- My e-mail is web-based and ornery and protective of its reply-to field. Therefore, replies will be directed at me, not the list, unless you make it otherwise. Apologies for any inconvenience. _____________________________________________________________ Save rainforest for free with a e-mail account:


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