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Re: OT: Feminism (Was: OT: reality (wasRe: Atlantean))

From:Axiem <axiem@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 13, 2004, 21:29
Noting more things, I have replied:

> > IMLE? I don't know that acronym (In My L E?). > > In My Limited Experience. > > Relates to IME (I My Experience) much like IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) to
> (same sans humble). Never seen an experiential counterpart to IMNSHO (In
> Not So Humble Opinion) - IMVEE (In my Very Extensive Experience) perhaps?
Ah, well then. I've seen IMO and its variations before. Just not this one, and I couldn't think of what the LE might mean. MTFE. :P
> The perhaps most absurd thing about it is the very idea of deciding big > changes in society millennia in advance.
...oh yeah. I missed that one.
> > Ah. I figured, I just don't know Greek. But if "andro" is the root for > > "man", is "androgeny" "man-form"? And is that "andros" man as in male,
> > man as in human? > > "Androgeny"? I don't know that word, and AHD doesn't recognize it either.
> would, however, have to be an abstract based on words like > _androgen_ "(hormone that) causes development of masculine
> so it's "man" + "gen-" as in cause or origin.
I misspelled "androgyny", since I never learned how to spell it (and spelling has never been my strong suit. I strongly prefer writing methods where each character has simply one pronounciation, aside from slight adaption based on surrounding sounds (but a 1-to-1 correspondance anyways). Hence one reason I like Japanese kana. (I like kanji simply for pure efficiency).
> > If you meant "androgyny", that's simply _andro-_ "man" + _gyne_ "woman",
> the abstract suffix.
Hm. I did not /know/ that "gyne" was "woman", but it makes sense to me now, given that a "gynocologist" is "gyne" + "ology" + "ist" = a person who studies women.
> > > English needs a word that means a person who hates males. In my opinion. > > You could just calque Swedish _manshatare_ as "manhater" or so. But I
> something on the same stylistic level as "misogynist" is to be desired, so
> guess I'm going to continue using "misandrist" till it catches on or
> presents me with a better alternative.
I like "misandrist" as well. I shall attempt to use it. Though, if you come up with a better alternative, let me know. Though I do like "misandrist"... -Keith