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Re: Script evolution

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 20:29
>The reason why I took so long was that I did not want the evolution >to be 'forced'. I only learned what I needed from the Kavi script, >making notes of it in a notebook. Then I completely ignored it for >one year allowing me to forget as much as possible what I have >originally learned of the Kavi script. Then when I reviewed my >notebook a year later, I only had the characters and features I >needed to relearn and evolve for the Boreanesian script. > >Patience has its rewards.
Nothing wrong with taking your time ;). I actually did re draw many characters about twenty times each, trying to figure the most aesthetic (to me) form for each derivation, as well as the way they would probably develop, if the script was being changed for quickness of writing. I realize I made it seem like it took me just two hours. Actually it's still evolving somewhat (the glyph shapes are prettymuch cemented in their forms now), and also, it took me over the course of a week to get all of the basic characters for the modern script (which over time have changed somewhat). ________________________________________________ The rattan basket criticizes the palm leaf basket, still both are full of holes.