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Warngalyang Infinitives

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Friday, March 2, 2001, 6:11
> From: Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...> > Subject: Re: a bit of warNalyaN > > Yes, that is the marker for infinitive I. There seem to be two inifintives > like in Estonian and Votic, like > > "to run in a race is fun" uses Infinitive I, whereas > "I went to the store to buy a book", "to buy" is in Infinitive II. > > I've not yet discovered how Warngalyang treats a construction like > > "you should go to learn to read". Two Infinitive II's one after > another? Is it possible that there be an infinitive III?
My anglocentric intuition would use I for 'to read' and II for 'to learn' in that construction. That is, if I get the sense of I and II--in English one might use an -ing form for 'infinitive I', but the 'to ' form for 'infinitive II'. [Running(I) in a race is fun - I went to the store to buy(II) a book - You should go to learn(II) reading(I)] I could be wrong. How's that sound?
> Interesting side note: the name "Warngalyang" comes from the adjective > /warNalyaN/ which is derived from /warNa/ "raven", which is also their > name for themselves.
Hmm. I still have to work out my Hadwan-speaking Terras people's self-name. I could put it on a basis like that, they'd be ... 'Hakirônis' /xa.kI'rU:n.Is/ (sg. 'Hakirôn'), from 'kirôs' /kI'rU:s/ "griffin". I could do that. Hmm... *Muke! [back after his own hiatus] -- AIM: MukeTurtle ICQ: 1936556 Webpage: out of commision


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