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Re: Scripting (Vyh.)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Saturday, January 26, 2002, 11:46
En réponse à "M.E.S." <suomenkieli@...>:

> > To date, the only thing on the net I can offer (as I'm > in the arduous process of trying to make a webpage) is > at > >
The funny thing about this script is that though each character is composed like in Hangul, the result is characters which look uncomposed like Chinese ideograms :)) . I like this idea :) . BTW, you look quite skilled in writing characters. Learning Japanese seems to pay :) . I'm not that good unfortunately...
> > Hopefully, over the coming weeks/months I'll get > around to putting more samples onto the web. >
Please do, I long to see a grammar of Vyääh on the web (I hope you can see it correctly, I can do umlauts easily with my computer :)) ).
> Christophe, you should offer your Itakian native > script here! It's quite beautiful in appearance - > although I'm not one for "horizontal" scripts (ie, > like Latin letters which go side-by-side); I sort of > prefer the "vertical" scripts (ie, like Hangul). >
He he, I prefer vertical scripts too (Mongolian is just beautiful), and the Itakian script can also be written vertically. Horizontally is just more frequent :)) . And a script written from right to left, with letters representing vowels or vocalic clusters and consonnants written as diacritics can hardly be called "going side-by-side" :)) . I'll provide the list with examples of the Itakian native script as soon as I have enough words to make a sentence. But if people are interested, I have a 30KB GIF image with the different signs of the script and an explanation on how it works (I also have the 66.5KB Word file from which I produced it if people prefer that, though I don't think so :)) ). I can easily send it privately to people who want to see it. Or you can wait for the reader of the Conlang class of David Peterson, I made the image for it :)) . BTW David, is it going on okay with the reader? :)) Oh, and I have also all the different characters as individual images. Anybody knows a freeware font-making program? (one which doesn't have difficulties to make zero-width characters :)) ) Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.