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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.2.7 (repost #1)

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Monday, December 18, 2006, 20:33

1. machinery = mhérhdzënîîjos < mhêrhdza (work)

To repair machinery is difficult.
machinery difficult is
mhérhdzën-îîj-om juun-cüêrh-u câlu ês-a. new-make-SUP difficult be-IND

2. into = éna

Entering into machinery is a serious matter.  "I don't understand
what this sentence means."

3. wicked = upêlis
She wants to be a wicked woman.
she wicked woman wants
n-us upêl-us güên-us ês-u mhêts-a. be-SUP want-IND

4. mid- = með-
Mid-century, being a wicked woman was dangerous.
wicked woman being mid-century dangerous was.
upêl-us güên-us ês-ant-us með-tsémt-ë-mhet-âsïo perh ês-a. woman mid-hundred-EPEN-year- PAST.PTCL BE-ind

5. turn ( 1) t.v. change, vary, alter, alternate, change places
with; exchange, interchange; barter; mutate. 2) i.v. change, vary,
alter, alternate, take-, -turns, -a turn; mutate.) = mîþa

It's your turn.
you take.a.turn now
t-us mîþ-u núu cêl-a. take.a.turn-SUP now

turn (around) = pêltsa

He needs to turn around.
he to.turn.around needs
n-us pêlts-u îîjh-a. turn-SUP need-UND

6. historical = perjêcëðlis < perjêcëðlos (history, chronicle)

They want to study historical documents.
they historical documents want
n-úes perhjêcëðlo tøst-ë-pêc-on pêmh-u mhêts-a. historical study.SUP want-IND

7. upset (disturbed, ruffled, inconvenienced) = mêrhsis < mêrhsa (
1) t.v. disturb, interrupt, inconvenience, ruffle; disorder, upset,
derange. 2) i.v. interrupt; upset; interfere)

We are upset about his coming.
we his coming about upset are.
mh-úes n-úsïo güêm-u jéta merhs-ûes ês-a. come-SUP about be-IND

8. him = (nor)num

We need to tell him.
we to.him to.tell need
mh-ûes n-úsïo êêg-u îîjh-a. tell-SUP need-IND

9. damage (1) t.v. spoil; corrupt, demoralize, drag down. 2) i.v. be
spoiled, deteriorate, go bad.) = cüâta

They are trying to damage our reputation.
they our reputation to.damage try
n-úes mh-um cûûd-am cüât-u pêrh-a. damage-SUP try-IND

It took a lot of damage in the battle.
it battle in much damage received
n-os tsat-ôsïo éna pûlo cüât-om perh mhrhîî-a. in much PAST.PTCL receive-IND

10. apparatus (machine) = mherhdzênos

This apparatus needs to be repaired.
apparatus this repaired need
mherdzên-os d-os juun-cüêrh-aþ-os-ë stââj-u îîjh-a. stand-SUP

- minor suit, n.  mînüo sêcüos < sêcüa, follow.
(bridge) a suit of inferior scoring value, either diamonds or clubs

No minor suits in the traditional Senjecan deck of 72 cards.
Six suits: quills, crooks, nets, spades, axes, and picks.
Six pip cards: 1-6.
Six face cards: mages, shepherds, fishers, farmers, carpenters,
Colors are not important.

unsheathe (draw from a sheath or scabbard) = mhimhâga.  Senjecas has
a conversive prefix (un-, dis-) mhi-.

the knight (un)sheathed his sword.
knight his sword (un)sheathed.
mîm-us n-úsïo êns-om perh (mhi)mhâg-a. PAST.PTCL (un)sheathe-IND