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revised orthography

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 6:19
stops: p t k q
.      b d g
nasal  m n
fric   f s   x
.      v z
glide  w   j
lat    l r

vowel  a e i o u y

'shift' letters: c h

I decided to use <c> s follows:

sc - [S]
zc - [Z]
tc - [tS]
dc - [dZ]

This also frees up <h> as follows:

wh - [W]
th - [T]
dh - [D]

The leftover <x,q,j> are now [h,?,j]. Using <j> for [j] instead of <y>
allows that letter to be used for another vowel, probabl;y [@].

Any questions? Particulalry, does this orthography remind anyone of
anything? And does anyone have an explanation for how teh letters c and h
could have evolved into this role, where they only appear as modifying

Also, would [N] be better represented as <nh> or <nc>?

If a flying horse ye see, mock ye not if it stays up not.